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— “What did you lose, why did you go up?”,

— “I lost my fruit, that’s where I found it.”

— «You’ll get hurt if you fall»

— «Thinking about the injury, you will not go to the top!».

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— “Interestingly, the photographer herself,

Why are you taking pictures?» — «You’re wrong.

Even doctors get sick when,

Ask for help — from colleagues then!».

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— «Something in the throat!» — «Here’s a nurse, help,»

— «Thanks to him if he can!».

— «Gratitude — you can show later,

In addition, you need to give something!”.

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— «Are you a frog, are you a princess?»

— «Kiss, reveal the secret!».

— «It happens — always in fairy tales!»,

— “Even a fairy tale is sometimes true!”.

Abdulla Pulatov

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