Photo by Sylvain Mauroux — Unsplash


— «Hey climber, well, here’s the place, the pass is just right for you!»,

— «Then who conquers, the peak of the peak — instead of us? …».

Photo by Lola Rose — Unsplash


— “They say if someone does not wear a watch,

So happy — that’s the clue!».

— «No, don’t believe it, you see — I wear a watch,

Anyway — happy — here, everyone — ask! …».

Photo by Sharan Pagadala — Unsplash


— «Tell me, spider man,

Are you real or is this a «trick»?

— «To be honest with you — I’ll tell you then,

Better a lie than the truth sometimes!…».

Photo by Lala Azizli — Unsplash


— «Car and bike

Which is better and what is the answer?»,

— “The answer is — and what is better here:

Clean air or vice versa?…”.

Abdulla Pulatov

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