«Prepayment …» (Poems — jokes)

Granny Yagusya:

-«Oh, kitty, you are my kitty,
Warm you are a tummy.

Natural wool is in you,
Back — «Wow.».

Ivan is my sworn enemy,
It’s time to press — on the «lever».

For me, he is a «trifle»,
Let him die like a bachelor.

So that you can calmly drink tea,
Here they say — help me out,

You are ruined — Nastinka,
Flip — the plate!…».


-«Well Granny — close your mouth,
You always do — flog.

I have to eat every day,
What will I get — in return.

The rent is at the doorstep,
Apart from taxes.

Do something before,
Prepayment — don’t forget!

Here, Yagusya, you — a fact,
Come on, draw up — a contract!…».

Abdulla Pulatov

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