«On a hang glider …» (Interesting images — pictures with meaning — with comments)

Fotо by Lance Anderson — Unsplash

«ON HANG Gliding…»

«You are on a hang glider — can you fly?»,

“I can only dream about it!”

“So you are afraid of such a dream?”,

“I’m afraid, I’ll get used to being on top!”

Photo by Syauky Ayyash — Unsplash


«How beautiful this world is, look,

(The world is changing at the expense of one-two-three).

Illusion in glasses — small,

But you better look — peace in soul!».

Photo by Navi  —  Unsplash


«The bird may be — tied there?»,

«But it depends — are you looking where, where?».

Photo by Siddhanth Kumar — Unsplash


“Beauty saves the world—always,

Sometimes it’s different.

For fun girl — count up

She plucked the feathers from the peacock.

This is where the moral comes from:

Beauty ruined — what a pity!».

Abdulla Pulatov

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