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— “Have you subscribed to my personal blog?”,

— “You can see from the content that you are a demagogue.

So that the visitor is a million,

Good content, make a diet!…”.

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— “What, do you feel sorry for the tree of everything?”,

— “He didn’t say anything about it—nothing yet.

But glory to all, I was not,

When that tree fell here!».

Photo by  Seif Eddin Khayat  —  Unsplash


— «Welcome, dear, here!»,

— «Where to welcome, and what is behind the gate?».

— “Sorry, this is just a monologue,

I train with myself — by entering a dialogue!…».

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— “They are talking — father and son, from the heart,

Therefore, kids love their father.

The conversation, although it was not verbal,

But anyway, it was interesting.

And time over us is always powerful,

It has come, then — already, time for sleep!…».

Abdulla Pulatov

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