«Good morning …» (Interesting images — pictures with meaning — with comments)

Photo by Muhammad Fawdy   —   Unsplash


-“Friends, good morning to you again,

Please, here’s the coffee.

It means it’s time to get up!…”.

(Heavier from you — bed!)

Photo by Jemimah Gray   —   Unsplash


-“Admire nature – as always,

But reciprocity, do not forget — not when!».

Photo by Jez Timms   —   Unsplash


-“Everyone has their share,

So that the share is yours,

Earn it — with difficulty,

You do not regret, not when — later!».

Photo by Derek Lee  —   Unsplash


-«Faithful friends — after all, we continue,

And there are no others in the world!”

The photographer is no less happy too:

-“The best shots are a treasure!”.

Each of us has his own,

We want to receive — we have our own!».

Abdulla Pulatov

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