«I can’t hear …» (Interesting images with verse comments)

«Who offended, my baby ?,
Why are you trembling so? «

-«He said it was a lion!»
-«I can’t hear — getting old! …»

-«What did you find in my head?»
-«There is — blame yours! …»

-Why are you shouting — you cretin?
-It is — «Adrenaline»! …

-«What are you thinking, wanted where?»
-«There is only one way out for the zoo! …»

-“Is it really just that?
It is impossible to deceive you, not how? … «

-“I’m my mouth, I can’t close it,
Flies will enter if the mouth is open! … «

-“Slowly, I went there,
I barely got where I need to! … «

-“Mister lion, why do you need it?»
-«Hygiene is necessary for lions too! … »

-«I am an orderly, I act gently,
I clean it — take care of you! «

-“And it would not be bad, but,
With payment — it’s all the same bad! … «

Abdulla Pulatov

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