«Fly like everyone else …» (interesting images with comments, meaning, poetic )


«Have you heard the news?» — «Well, what?»
«Walking — that parrot!».

«Well, you fool, but that’s completely,
There is a wing — fly like everyone else! …»


«What do you need, here for you?»
«We’ll collect our share!»

«Be on the alert then,
Do not become — «share» not when! …»


Where is the fox looking here,
That I remembered, there is something!

«What did you remember now?»
«Krylov’s fable — just right! …»


“What are you doing — you are a fool?
Do you jump like a saiga?»

“I’ll become a cool circus performer …,
I’ll show you all later …!»


«Take your hand off the fool,
I’ll bite my finger.

It tickles me, that’s a joke
You will receive a forty injection! …»


«You are the smartest squirrel,
But you have a bad nut!»

The squirrel is again like everywhere else,
Leaving a nut in the nest

Laughing, she said:
“I won’t give my nut,

He wanted to deceive me
But you shouldn’t have sweated.

If you read the «book»
Know that «book» — I wrote!»

Abdulla Pulatov

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