Photo by Joni Rajap — Unsplash

— «Discontent is a hobby for people,

Too many desirable ideas.

Even the genie could not perform,

All desires and was shocked».

Photo by Alex Gruber — Unsplash

— «Although people in this world are the strongest

Time still does not recognize it yet!».

Photo: Dillon Wanner — Unsplash

— «I write on the walls, my confession,

I can’t look at the Vedas — at your eyes!».

— «If there is no courage, what does the wall have to do with it,

Do not litter, you wall! — «asks» the whole country …»

Foto: Vale — Unsplash

— «If the game reaches its peak,

Sometimes even the glacier melts.

Here they play — chess in the yard,

Let’s say thank you to the master!».

Abdulla Pulatov

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