“We envy …” (Interesting images — pictures with meaning — with comments)

Photo by Fabian Michel — Unsplash


«We envy you again and again,

The network is ready, the prey is ready!

«It’s not that easy, it’s easy to say,

I don’t have time to tell!»

Photo by Janko Ferlic — Unsplash


«A mother’s hug,

And there is a safe place.

But whatever it is,

When we leave, it doesn’t matter!»

Photo by Sandro Lansu — Unsplash


«There is an opinion

Salvation for the drowning

In most appropriate cases,

It’s in the hands of the drowning themselves!”

Photo by Gustavo Zambelli — Unsplash


«Hey, young calf,

A predator is waiting under water.

Alligator may be here

That means you’re finished!»

“I put an end to all this,”

I have “insurance”!

Abdulla Pulatov

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