«Super …» (Interesting images — pictures with meaning — with comments)

Photo by Teslario Mihai — Unsplash


“Coming out, he is almost a“ super star ”,

And electricity is no longer needed!»

Photo by Peyton Tuttle — Unsplash


“If I’m on to something, I can’t close my eyes,

Then at least let him cover his face!

Photo by Tom Brunberg — Unsplash


«Mountains — adrenaline, unearthly beauty,

After all, people take risks, and apparently for good reason.

Even in winter, summer, risking your life,

They will be able to find out whether the mountains or he is stronger!

Photo by Juan Domenech — Unsplash


«The flame was exhaled — before the dragon,

Illuminates the streets — you see now he!

Abdulla Pulatov

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