«If there is no clock …» (Interesting images with verse comments)

They say happy — if there is no clock,
And in fact — the answer is not like that!

Who doesn’t want to wear a watch,
This proverb — ask him.

See I have a watch on my hands
In life I am happy — in all its glory.

If we go mind-mind,
And the happiest — we will be straight! …

-And what a mannequin, lies so in itself,
Inside the window — he looks at you

The mannequin is usually like a silhouette,
Wears clothes, advertises.

-Oh, I’m sorry, I caught a cold, yes,
The belt is inflamed, it hurts sometimes.

Apparently she has grown old — she has collected problems,
I’m retiring, then not at all! …

-How beautiful this decoration is,
“One hundred poods” is better than the previous ones.

Get younger, wear when,
The Vedas liked it — everyone always! …

-How much does it cost? — What, hearts? Yes!,
I understood, you need — validol then! …

-«This is a hairpin, gold» one hundred «,
If you liked it, it’s busy for you,

Maybe cheaper, I’ll give it back,
Decoration .ved — suits you very much! «

-«Can it drive you crazy, its beauty?»
-“No, to drive you crazy — the total price! …

Abdulla Pulatov

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