«The diameter of the needle …» (interesting images — with verse comments)

-And tell me, does it hurt or not?
Needle diameter — weight secret!

-Well, and then the diameter … oh-th …!
Finished my procedure?

-Be patient, live loving,
I just started — the procedure!

-Surely you have experience?
-I’m a trainee, I’ll try you! …

-Have you heard the news, woke up Etna?
The volcano is so huge, visible from afar! …

-Look brother — so that he wakes up,
News from school — has been eliminated! …

-Will we hold it — will we not?
-In my opinion, we can — overcome!

-Let’s be careful, probably later,
-And in the hands of burns, and what is there — about that?

-Then: «Without a trace — the days go by,
Only the burns remain! «

-It’s great to sleep in the snow!
-Let’s catch a cold, sore throat again? …

-Snow bed is a «nishtyak» for us,
Cold is a trifle for elves!

Therefore — stretching my legs,
Come on into the snow, help me! …

Abdulla Pulatov

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