«We’ll be late for the evening …» (Interesting photos — with verse comments)

-And why, all the same, mom,
Trampled — we ourselves ?,

We walk together, among the fields,
You say, everyone: “Faster, bolder!”.

-And you sonny, why are you talking,
You think completely wrong.

Because as much as possible
The shortest way is necessary for us,

-We won’t have time to escape,
We cannot avoid a problem!

-Yes, don’t think about it now,
We will be late for the evening!….

-I see you are not so,
These views are full of darkness.

Look at you
You look at yourself — not loving.

-Who do you want — the devil knows,
You hold the stick — in your hands here.

-Therefore — for now,
Like a «black cloud»! …

-Hey brother, immediately,
Let’s fly — slowly.

-You fly — don’t panic,
Hunters are above us.

Suddenly they will aim
Can you survive.

If you hit the scope,
Then slowly — you will fall

As they say: «Glorious Hunt»
You have a whole company of enemies.

Suddenly they will take your prey
Security — I will not ensure!

I’ve been through so much, it doesn’t matter
And your answer — here is equal to zero!

Oh, yes I understood, the Krylov fable,
While in your memory — subject! …

Abdulla Pulatov

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