«Stole carrots …» (Interesting images with verse comments)

Without asking, I stole carrots
And the owner, shouts to me again.

After completing the «robbery»
I began to talk to myself.

-«Monkey, yes, just me,
I wouldn’t do it in vain.

And why, even when you are full, you
Bring someone else’s bread — you! … «

-I envy you, a little,
When you fly, it’s too high.

Observing — on the ground by you,
If you want to — in the blue sky! …

-If you fly — between the clouds,
But all this is temporary.

One truth: Wherever you are, but,
Come back — shouldn’t care! …

-Bigfoot, why not happy?
Immediately, back to the den!

Indeed, you should now,
In the den, winter just right!

-Changes are big, my friend,
The reason is the climate around.

Therefore, now — in the snow,
I’m going to look, for myself — I’m going! …

-Hey, listen to the dragonfly,
Wake up, open your eyes!

-You do, now you see yourself,
I don’t believe in miracles! …

I make a blank
Kisses for the whole winter!

-Is it really you,
You better play, fly!

Take time, have fun
Impressions — share!

-Every year — for the whole winter,
I will prepare myself for him.

But, in a fairy tale, I am not there,
That dragonfly — «Tra-la-la»!

Although, I’m still alone
I work until late! …

Abdulla Pulatov

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