«The phonogram may be …» (Interesting images with verse comments)

The book is, our friend,
It is to shine our dear.

Giving your rays
Time runs like a stream.

We can read — until the morning,
Not long — such a «hurray»!

We love the book — we always
And there’s no time to read!

Here, girl — look
To love a book — from the inside! …

Will be an example — to you,
-Who is she? “I don’t know myself!

-A phonogram maybe?
-Yes, no, she is — to love books! …

Sometimes it seems so
The person is changing.

To speak — with a «boil»,
Disappear — patience.

For example, in the car he
Does this — hand out,

As if — «Enjoys»,
The problem will increase.

Because of this — forever,
«Without hands …» — how many people …!

-Come on, you start first!
-You’d better take it yourself!

-Can it be a dummy? …
Move — count!

-Maybe it’s a trap?
-No, it’s just a mouse.

-What will we do then?
-We’ll be back at night — as always!

-We come back and no mice? …
-This is the order of things …

-How will it happen?
-So — the mice will be lucky! …

-Fight and life — in one line,
And the tree is too tall!

My intuition — prompted «press»,
But such a height — I’m afraid «damn it»!

-Look at the colored collar,
What does it mean — such a collar?

-If you want to live under ninety — one hundred,
Do not ask a lot of questions — not at all! …

Abdulla Pulatov

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